Марина Маринич, директор русской школы "Исток"

Dear students and parents!

Welcome to the Russian school Istok. For over fifteen years our school has provided Russian language tuition to many children and served as a cultural community centre for Russian speakers in Berkshire.

In our school children are offered many opportunities to fully immerse in Russian culture while studying Language, Literature, Music and Creative Arts. They also benefit from and enjoy mixing with other Russian speaking children. In our classes children learn the significance and impact of Russian language and culture. In the future we hope to expand our classes by offering Cultural and Natural History as well as Mathematics. Our teachers are highly skilled professionals and native Russian speakers with a wealth of experience working in both Russian and British educational systems. In our work we utilise a wide array of materials to support and enhance practices to help bilingual children take full advantage of many unique opportunities. Our teachers are continually enhancing their professional development in partnership with Russian and European educational institutions.

We use our experience to ensure that children are placed in groups that are suitable for their age and ability. Children are provided with a safe and friendly learning environment. They are supported and encouraged by experienced and nurturing teachers and assistants in the spacious, comfortable setting of a private school in Reading.

We look forward to having the opportunity to share our passion for the Russian culture with you and your children.


Marina Marinich

Head of Russian School Istok